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My son and I have always loved hunting waterfalls. Now we want to share what we've found with you. Enjoy a personally guided tour to see the most spectacular waterfalls in the beautiful Western North Carolina mountains.  This will be your most memorable tour!

 The majority of waterfalls that we have discovered have no signage and are unknown even to the locals. Let us take you on a personal tour in the heart of waterfall country.


Why chose us?


We custom design each tour tailored to your skill level. Do you want a long hike? We have them. Are you looking for a big pay-off without too much hiking? We have that too! The best part is, regardless of your physical ability, we can get you up close and personal with amazing waterfalls. This is more of an adventure than your standard tour.   

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The Waterfall


 Symbolically, waterfalls represent positive energy, youthful exuberance, happiness, vigor, the playful mood of a flowing river, and the vicissitudes of life. 

 The high peaks and ridges of  Western North Carolina receive some of the highest annual rainfall totals in the continental U.S.  All this water has to go somewhere; and that makes for spectacular waterfalls.